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"East Saint Louise Toodle Loo" - the old Duke Ellington classic arranged by Bruce Lofgren was my cue to prepare for his arrangement of the Charlie Parker classic, "Au Privave". The band kicked ass and with further confidence, we went into the familiar "Honky Tonk Train Blues". Being extra brave, and without any rehearsal, we then finished the set with a big band version of "Fanfare For The Common Man". The musicianship and the professionalism of 17 band members was a great inspiration for me. A wonderful bunch of guys and a lady! It was a fantastic early Halloween evening with pirates being the main theme. While I continue finishing my new album, this concept is definitely something I would love to repeat. I'd like to thank each one of the band, Bruce Lofgren, the audience, and also the owner of Typhoon restaurant, Brian Vidor who made this a fantastic night.

Keith & Bruce Logren Band

Bruce Lofgren and the Afterburners are:
Bruce Lofgren - guitar Dustin McKinney - trumpet 1 Bob Carr - bari sax 4
Alan Steinberger - keyboard Ron King - trumpet 2 (jazz) Suzette Moriarty - french horn 1
Bob Leatherbarrow - drums David Pittel - trumpet 3 Paul Klintworth - french horn 2
Adam Cohen - bass Glen Garrett - alto sax 1 Jacques Voyemant - trombone
Brian Kilgore - percussion Glenn Morrissette - alto sax 2 Mike Millar - bass trombone
Craig Fundyga - vibes Glen Berger - tenor sax 3

Photo: M Kawaguchi / Oct. 29, 2007

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