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Keith Emerson - Keyboards

Marc Bonilla - Guitar and Vocals

Travis Davis - Bass

Tony Pia- Drums

Technical Crew

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Marc Bonilla w Double Neck
photo - m. kawaguchi
MARC BONILLA - Guitar and Vocals

Currently based out of L.A. Marc has played guitar and toured with Warner Bros. recording artists Toy Matinee as well as recording two critically acclaimed guitar instrumental albums for Reprise “EE Ticket” and “American Matador”.

He has also has produced, recorded and performed with several artists including Ronnie Montrose, Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple and Keith Emerson of ELP fame.

Marc Bonilla
For over a decade he has composed and performed for numerous television shows and major motion pictures including The Scorpion King, The Replacements, Falling Down, Terminal Velocity, Waterworld, Mad Money, Spy Kids, Spiderman 2, Bruce Almighty, Las Vegas, Kid Notorius, The PJ's, and ER, collaborating with such notables as James Newton Howard, John Debney, Joel McNeely and Snuffy Walden receiving an Emmy award nomination in 2001 for his score for David Milch's Big Apple.

In addition to just recently completing an album with Keith Emerson, he has also finished composing score for another feature film entitled “Two:Thirteen” as well as a new album, Full Circle, with California Transit Authority featuring original drummer and co-founder of Chicago, Danny Seraphine

Travis Davis - Bassist

Travis Davis has been performing publicly since the age of 10 in all musical capacities from Rock and Jazz to Classical. Moving from Indiana to Los Angeles in 2006, he immediately began integrating himself into the L.A. scene. Not only has his music been heard on such network shows as Las Vegas, Monarch Cove, and VH-1, his talents have begun to be recognized by several music industry luminaries and have performed with such notables as Eric Martin (Mr. Big), J.R. Richards (Dishwalla), Danny Seraphine (Chicago), Troy Luccketta (Tesla), Alice Cooper, and now Keith Emerson.

Tony Pia - Drummer
TONY PIA - Drums

Tony Pia's drumming career is rich in musical diversity and the kind of explosive technique that has landed him gigs with some of the world's most prominent musicians. His performances with the now famous One O'clock Band at North Texas State University catapulted his career into the world of live entertainment with a surprisingly eclectic group of celebrity artists: Larry Carlton, The Brian Sezter Orchestra, Bobby Caldwell, Edgar Winter, Maynard Feguson, Woody Herman, Van Morrison, The Turtles, and Spinal Tap to name a few. Other artists recognized Tony's diverse talents and his roster of credits include David Lee Roth, Dianne Shuur, Kenny Rankin, The Shirelles, Herb Ellis, and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Currently Tony lives in Los Angeles where he performs, records, and teaches. Some of the more popular TV projects he has recorded for include Friends, Good Morning America, The Today Show as well as commercials for Toyota, Carl's Junior, Radio Shack and Harley Davidson.


Keith Emerson's elaborate synthesizer and keyboard rig is immediately recognizable to long-term fans. It represents musical history, with both the latest high-tech gadgetry and early, early versions of the first synthesizers ever produced by Bob Moog. Emerson's pioneering work with the Moog synthesizers made both Emerson and the synthesizers famous.
Keith Wechsler is the Keith Emerson Band production manager and live sound mixer and Marc-André Berthiaume is the technician who keeps the keyboards and other instruments in great working order.

Keith Wechsler in Studio
KEITH WECHSLER - Producer, Keyboard Tech, Production Manager and Live Sound Mixer

Never at home unless he's in front of a mass of wires and knobs, Keith Wechsler has a dark and varied past.
There is no truth to the rumor that while he was recording Kokomo with The Beach Boys, he accidentally erased all their vocals and had to re-record them substituting his own voice. Although he has been all over this great big world mixing surf music so that it sounds like progressive rock, his passion is cranking up the low note on the Moog during Lucky Man and watching all the girls scream.
When programming keyboard sounds, engineering or producing albums such as The Return of the Manticore, In The Hot Seat and Then and Now, he says it's untrue that he was the one who made tea for the lads. Not even when engineering and co-producing an as yet unreleased solo album with Greg Lake did he make tea. In fact, he also did not brew a strong cup for Kenny Loggins, George Clinton, Dream Theater, Spinal Tap, Brian Wilson, Roger McGuinn, Doris Day, John Lithgow, Paula Cole, Fiona Apple, Chalk Zone or the Chipmunks. On the Van's Warped Tour he did make some coffee when he wasn't recording bands, but it did NOT resemble tea.
Now he's getting pretty good at soldering on Keith Emerson's Moog before each show and using duct tape to stick parts back on the Hammond Organ so that it will stand up for one more onslaught.
He says don't believe anybody when they say that in his spare time, he likes to beat on drums and tickle the ivories and make tea.

Marc-Andre Berthiaume

Marc-André Berthiaume, or "Kirky" as we call him, was born sometime in April on a dark and stormy...no wait...it was a bright, cheerful, sunny day up in the thawing tundra of Beloeil, Canada.
His first experience with anything electronic dates back to age 5. Curious about how light goes on and off at the pull of a chain, he stuck his finger in a socket and pulled the lamp cord. Eureka! His hair is still curly. He dismantled his parents' cherished Phillips HiFi cabinet to expose the tubes, and used the speakers to get more sound out of his Rivera amp, ending in a pyro display.
He staged, promoted and mixed live shows during lunch hour in high school. This taught him just enough about the music business to be dangerous. Marc fell in with Emerson, Lake & Palmer in the early days as an avid aficionado of "Tank". It's rumored that he got a contact high from the 1977 show at Olympic Stadium, forever altering the course of his journey; although he bailed when "Love Beach" came out.
Interested in photography, he took film classes so he could figure out which way to point the camera. Oh, and it was a great way to meet girls. Marc received a BFA in Film Production and went on to produce, direct, and photograph countless films and videos, including Keith Emerson's "Prelude to a Hope".
He worked as the monitor dude and guitar pick dispatcher on ELP's 1997-98 tour and rejoined Keith Emerson for the 2005 tour. Called the "Utility Man" on that tour, Marc made a name for himself in the Road Crew industry after patenting his famous "Technique for preventing the keyboard pedals from slipping during shows using nothing more than a butter knife".
He's known to ask for a sacrificial chicken, some hot water and plenty of towels when the MOOG goes awry.
He also makes a damn good white wine spritzer.

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05 Aug 2008

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