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Keith Emerson at Piano
On Monday, May 19th, Keith will sit in with the fabulous "Bruce Lofgren and The Afterburners" at Typhoon restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

Keith will be jamming on a Kurzweil....and MOOG!!!

"Amongst my early musical influences were the blues. There was a lot of it about in Worthing, Sussex where I grew up in a place, otherwise referred to as Costa Geriatrica. People were dying to get there and they often did before it was time to leave of their own accord. Geographically it was considered the dead center of Sussex. I was quick to note this as on early performances at local clubs bouncers were throwing people in.....even the dead ones because they were the easiest to throw out amongst the seaweed that quickly built up on the beaches. Prog rock and film music offered more chords to me in California and finally the bouncers chucked me in. And then along came Bruce Lofgren and his After Burners to fire me up here in California. - Keith

PS. I have a new album released in July of this year, but it's different from the music you'll hear on this night. As always, I'm honored to be playing with such fine musicians."
Bruce Lofgren
Bruce Lofgren

Keith's report on the previous show with the band on Oct. 29, 2007

Typhoon logo Details of the show, location and the bio of the band

Typhoon-Bruce Lofgren-19May08

Our special thanks to Bruce Lofgren, his band, and the owner of Typhoon restaurant, Brian Vidor.

Last update: 11 Aug 2008
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