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Holiday Message from Keith

Keith Emerson & Marc Bonilla
Keith and Marc Bonilla in St. Petersburg, Russia
Photo: Marc André Berthiaume

I have amassed extraordinary stories in my past and lost many of my very close friends and musicians. But as life goes on it perpetuates and propels its force providing its own inspirations. As I continue to go forward, accompanied by great players such as Marc Bonilla, Tony Pia, Travis Davis, Gregg Bissonette, Bob Birch and technical wizards such as Keith Wechsler and Marc André Berthiaume, my love and respect go to Mari Kawaguchi for her help and inspiration. All these wonderful people have made things possible, In their "Own Sweet Way" to quote Dave Brubeck. Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying my new album, "Keith Emerson Band Featuring Marc Bonilla", which is now available on Store.

As we approach the end of 2008, I reflect back on the wonderful reactions to the Keith Emerson Band in Russia, Baltic and in Japan. Not only were the tours artistically satisfying, they were also so much fun! If it has been fun for you too it makes it all the more worthwhile. If it hasn't we'd still be doing it anyway just to come back and annoy you.

I look forward to continuing my association and friendship with the great band leader Bruce Lofgren and his Jazz orchestra through which I have met many great soloists, such as Glenn Berger. Thanks to Bruce, I was brought back to my Jazz roots and it was an enlightening experience which continue to inspire me in my further music. Jeffrey Biegel, such an amazing concert pianist that has played my 1st Piano Concerto with so many wonderful orchestras around America and continues to do so.

I'd also like to thank all those people whose help cannot be unsung and over-looked: The distributors of my album, JVC and EDEL; my booking agent who happens also to be an accomplished bassist, Corrado Canonici; Mr. Udo of Udo Artist Japan for his 40 years of continuing belief in me and my music; for John Arnold for being a very capable webmaster; Mari for her updating, editing and photography used extensively throughout both the current CD Booklet and DVD, also the web pages and taking care of my new merch store along with Joii Bonilla; Mari's Mum, Noriko Kawaguchi for her selfless help during our Japan tour of 2008; Martin Kornick for his inspirational artwork for my album and for the charming holiday homepage; and Tony Ortiz for his relentless support. "ORTIZ, YOU ARE CRAZY!" but I love you dearly.

I wish all of you love and peace in the coming new year.

Happy Holidays!

Keith Emerson
December 2008

p.s. Nutrocker that you hear on the opening page is an edited version of "Nutrocker Suite" in "Boys Club - Live In California" CD, which is now available on Store.

Team Emerson on tour in Japan
Team Emerson in Osaka, Japan - October 2008
Back Row: Ryuji Takeno (JVC), Aki Ueda (Udo Artists), Marc André Berthiaume
Front Row: Nathanial, Marc & Joii Bonilla; Mari Kawaguchi, Keith Emerson, Travis Davis, Tony Pia, Keith Wecshler, Noriko Kawaguchi

Last update: 18 Dec 2008
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