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'Emerson Plays Emerson' Re-release on CD and Download - 12 November 2017

from Marc Bonilla - update - 17 April 2016

At Mari's request, we are putting on the Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert: Saturday, May 28th at the El Rey Theatre in L.A.

The "Official" Keith Emerson Tribute Concert will be held Saturday, May 28, at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. It will be a retrospective of Keith's entire career from the Nice, to ELP, to the Keith Emerson Band and Three Fates Project. Many of the artists who were close friends and have worked with Keith will be performing some of his most famous works.

It promises to be a great night of music and homage to one of the most influential musicians and composers of the twentieth century.

Featuring Performances by:
The Brian Auger Band The Keith Emerson Band
Eddie Jobson (U.K. / Roxy Music) Marc Bonilla (Keith Emerson Band / Toy Matinee)
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) Troy Luccketta (Tesla, Three Fates Project)
Steve Porcaro (Toto) Joe Travers (Zappa's Universe)
CJ Vanston (Spinal Tap) Travis Davis (Keith Emerson Band)
Steve Lukather (Toto) Mick Mahan (Pat Benatar)
Philippe Saisse (Al Dimeola) Ed Roth (Boys Club, CTA)
Gregg Bissonette (Ringo Starr) Mike Wallace (Boys Club / Dragonchoir)
Vinnie Colaiuta (Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa) Jonathan Sindelman (Alan White Band)
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Steely Dan / Doobie Bros.) Rachel Flowers
Rick Livingstone Maestro Terje Mikkelsen (Three Fates Project)
Hosted by "Uncle Joe" Benson – 100.3 The Sound
Saturday, May 28, 2016
Doors 7pm / Show 8pm
El Rey Theater  5515 Wilshire Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA
Tickets available at

Keith Emerson (1944 – 2016)

We regret to announce that Keith Emerson died during the night of 10th/11th March 2016 at his home in Santa Monica, California, aged 71.

Greg Lake and Carl Palmer have made personal statements (see below). These statements can also be read on the ELP Facebook page where messages of condolences can be left:

For any other enquiries, please contact

Greg Lake Statement

To all ELP friends and fans all over the world, I would like to express my deep sadness upon hearing this tragic news. As you know, Keith and I spent many of the best years of our lives together and to witness his life coming to an end in the way that it has is painful, both to myself and to all who knew him.

As sad and tragic as Keith�s death is, I would not want this to be the lasting memory people take away with them. What I will always remember about Keith Emerson was his remarkable talent as a musician and composer and his gift and passion to entertain. Music was his life and, despite some of the difficulties he encountered, I am sure that the music he created will live on forever.

My deepest condolences go to Keith�s family.

May he now be at peace.
Greg Lake
March 12, 2016
Greg Lake on Facebook


Carl Palmer Statement

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my good friend and brother-in-music, Keith Emerson.

Keith was a gentle soul whose love for music and passion for his performance as a keyboard player will remain unmatched for many years to come. He was a pioneer and an innovator whose musical genius touched all of us in the worlds of rock, classical and jazz.

I will always remember his warm smile, good sense of humor, compelling showmanship, and dedication to his musical craft.

I am very lucky to have known him and to have made the music we did, together. Rest in peace, Keith.

Carl Palmer
March 11, 2016

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Tribute to David Bowie - 11 Jan 2016

I first met David one afternoon in the mid '60's at London's Marque Club which was then in Wardour Street.

I was in the lobby getting ready for a sound check. David had a band called "The Buzz' and used to play there Sundays.

I'd never met him before but he came right up and started chatting like we'd known each other for years.

"I've just come back from Paris having lessons with French Mime actor Marcel Marceau."

My first thought was "why would he want to do that" but I was intrigued at the depth he was willing to go to discover art in all forms. Fashion, Film, Comedy etc. would inspire him and he'd use it all in his extraordinary abilities. In the 70's we both enjoyed fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto's designs.

In the late '70's we met again in Montreaux, Switzerland. ELP were recording and living there briefly. David walked in and it was as if it was only yesterday that we had last met. His son, then named Zowie (now named Duncan) would play with my son Aaron, as they were both the same age.

The world now says "Goodbye" and "Hello" to the spiritual form of a true genius. David Bowie.

Keith Emerson

Tribute to Lemmy - 29 Dec 2015

Farewell Lemmy.

In the late 60's Lemmy and The Nice toured England.

Lemmy was our Road Manager and he presented a formidable figure of someone that did not take any prisoners or suffer fools gladly.

The Nice were then in their destructive art period a term used by Pete Townsend. Lemmy came up after a show. 'Ere, if you're gonna use a knife use a real one and gave me two Hitler Youth Knives."

He was an avid collector of World War 2 paraphernalia - not that he was into the horrors of that war. No, far from it. His reckoning was that if you're going to send an army into war - dress 'em so they feel and look good. The English according to my father, who was with The Royal Engineers, had very scratchy drab outfits. Consequently morale was low. And the opposition looked well turned out.

So that was it with Lemmy, he just wore black.

Many have wondered why he chose the name 'Lemmy"

In the late 50's and early 60's there was a BBC Radio series called "Journey Into Space". Lemmy was one of the characters.

Lemmy was a big fan.

He will be sadly missed at The Rainbow, LA. My sympathies go out to his band, his friends and family and all his many fans.

God Bless Lemmy,

Keith Emerson.

Keith Emerson Trio - 14 Oct 2015


Keith Emerson is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of his early 1960s recordings on CD and Download!

Due for release on the 6th November 2015 is the CD and download editions of long lost THE KEITH EMERSON TRIO recordings made in Keith’s parents’ living room in 1963 when he was a teenager. These recordings come from one of only four acetates ever made!

These 7 tracks were previously been made available by Record Collection (in early 2015) as a limited edition vinyl release. This is the first time these recordings have been released on CD and download.

Of the CD and download editions, Keith Emerson said: “Well, we all have to start somewhere! I'm happy that Cherry Red is releasing my very earliest beginnings and I hope it will inspire future generations of musicians.”

Amazon CD link
Amazon Digital (MP3) link
Limited edition 10-in vinyl edition (note: no autograph) link
Hear the music on YouTube:

Keith Emerson - His Finest Hour - 5 Sept 2015

On 17th of August at Biggin Hill , the day before the 75th anniversary of the "hardest day", Keith Emerson co-pilots a Spitfire aircraft.

Music: Abaddon's Bolero by Keith Emerson ; Beyond The Stars by Keith Emerson

"Keith had called me to tell me he was co-piloting a spitfire. I knew how important it was to him and couldn't miss it and decided to make a film of it.

This film tells the story of Keith Emerson visiting the famous Biggin Hill the day before the 75th anniversary of the "Hardest Day" to co-pilot a Spitfire airplane. It includes Keith's recording of Abaddon's Bolero and the premier of his new composition Beyond The Stars, which together provide the soundtrack of his Finest Hour. It was filmed with 2 GoPro cameras on board and with Keith also filming with my small Nikon CoolPix.

Stewart Young, Manager

The London Barbican Concert - Aftermath - 13 July 2015

I remember the late great Frank Zappa requesting a meeting with me in London 1969.

He was concerned at the attitude of British Orchestras. I couldn't help him much except using my limited experience to say that maybe tone down the lyrics of his songs.

"Why does it hurt when I pee?" does not go down very well with the conservative orchestras of Great Britain.

I remained a distant friend with him until he passed on.

The late Jon Lord and I were the first to amalgamate electric group and orchestra in the UK and Rick Wakeman was quick to follow on. But individually we both went about the same concept with a 'No Holds Barred" attitude and a view to widening future generation's classical attitude towards improvisation.

Bach and Beethoven were great improvisers in the UK as much as Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie were in the US.

The future of Prog Rock lies in the understanding of sound whatever part of the world it comes from.

As a whole, it was totally wonderful under Tjerje Mikellsen's conducting - the electronics volume were contained to acceptable limits.

And so it was obviously unsettling to deal with complaints about the volume. I wanted the orchestra to be happy and I wanted the audience to be happy.

Sound check at the concert hall saw Perspex screens being set up to shield the delicate ears of certain members of the orchestra enough to destroy sight lines of the audience and disconnect me from the orchestra.

I somehow contained myself.

They knew there would be some moments that were loud but they chose the last minute for complaints. It was after all a concert to celebrate Dr. Robert Moog.

I think the Orchestra could have been more discreet inserting earplugs and two of them leaving the stage in performance.

Just imagine that you are talking to me across a table and I have my fingers in my ears.

You would think that damn rude, right?

Well, it only took a few of The BBC Concert Orchestra to give to the audience an uncomfortable feeling.

As much as they are great musicians, a few of them behaved very unprofessionally which unfortunately may go against them and bounce against the great stuff the majority were in for.

Rock musicians don't behave like this.


Barbican Rehearsals - 07 July 2015

Everything going well with my band's rehearsals.

Thursday we blend everything together with The BBC Concert Orchestra. That's going to be fun.

At this point, I am reminded of the great composer Aaron Copland saying that the first time he heard an orchestra play his compositions, he was overwhelmed. I can understand that- although it's not the first time I've put group and orchestra together.

The majority of the works are composed by myself in co-ordination of arrangements with Kjetil Bjerkestrand and others. All conducted under the reassuring baton of Terje Mikkelsen.

Marc Bonilla presents two of his really amazing guitar-oriented pieces with orchestra as well.

And, of course my original Moog modular system will play a part in it all.


Barbican Center - 10 July 2015 - Keith Emerson: Three Fates

Barbican Rehearsals - 01 July 2015

Just attended the first run-through of the forthcoming concert with the BBC Concert Orchestra. WOW! And that's before Marc Bonilla, Travis Davis, Ralph Salmins and myself join in. The Orchestra is wonderful and Terje Mikkelsen conducting is wonderful.

More later,


Barbican Center - 10 July 2015 - Keith Emerson: Three Fates

Chris Squire

It's taken me some time to adjust to Chris's passing. I probably won't.

He was a great friend and a great musician.

God knows the grief that his family are going through – let alone Alan White and Geoff Downes and ALL of YES.
My heart goes out to them.

May God rest you in his musical heavens, Chris.

    Keith Emerson.

Keith Emerson appearance in London – 10 July 2015 – Barbican Center

A leading figure in progressive rock and founding member of Emerson Lake and Palmer,
Keith Emerson presents his Three Fates project.

The keyboardist and composer joins the BBC Concert Orchestra in instrumental reworkings of Emerson Lake and Palmer material alongside new compositions by Emerson. Epic strings unite virtuoso guitar and classic synth sounds in an orchestral fusion of symphonic music and prog.

More information and ticket info at

At the NAMM Show 2015 in Anaheim, CA
Keith Emerson
will be signing at the following booths on:

Friday 23 Jan – 2 pm Moog Music Inc. (Hall B - Booth# 5300, 5968)
Saturday 24 Jan – 2 pm Moog Music Inc. (Hall B - Booth# 5300, 5968)
Saturday 24 Jan – 3:15 pm KORG (Hall A - Booth#6440)

South Shore Symphony Orchestra presents

Keith Emerson's 70th Birthday Tribute Concert

The Classical Legacy of a Rock Star
Featuring: Keith Emerson

October 10 (Fri) at 8:00PM
October 11 (Sat) at 8:00PM

The Madison Theatre at Molloy College
Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York

Click here to purchase TICKETS

Tickets: $30, $45 and $55

Along with the South Shore Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Scott Wiley, performing the classical piece that inspired Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and the pianist Jeffrey Biegel performing Keith Emerson's "Piano Concerto No.1" ("Works Vol.1), Keith will be conducting his own composition "Glorietta Pass", orchestrated by Kjetil Bjerkestrand. The piece has never been recorded in orchestrated form. There will also be inaugural performances of the string quartet version of Keith's "Vagrant", "Soulscapes" and "A Cajun Alley" form his piano solo album, "Emerson Plays Emerson" (2002) composed by Emerson, and arranged by Kjetil Bjerkestrand.


Scott Jackson Wiley: Conductor and Music Director

Keith Emerson (arr. Kjetil Bjerkestrand): String Quartets - "Vagrant", "Soulscapes" and "A Cajun Alley"

Keith Emerson (arr. Kjetil Bjerkestrand): Glorietta's Pass (conducted by Keith Emerson)

Keith Emerson: Piano Concerto No. 1 (1977) � - �Jeffrey Biegel: Piano Soloist

Mussorgsky/Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition

Keith Emerson's Piano Solos - Titles: TBA

"LIKE!" and post your comment about this event on Keith Emerson Official Facebook Page

A very special thanks to Wayne Lipton, President of South Shore Symphony and Cellist

20 Aug 2014 – Keith Emerson is proud to announce the re-release of a selection of his solo albums through Esoteric. Each album has been re-mastered and features extensive new liner notes.

At The Movies
3 CD Box set


Changing States




Live From Manticore Hall CD20 Aug 2014 – Welcome to Manticore Hall! Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, two of the founding members of prog legends Emerson Lake & Palmer, released their highly anticipated new CD 'Live From Manticore Hall' on July 14, 2014 on Manticore Records, via Cherry Red.

'Live From Manticore Hall' CD is available from all good retailers including:

Read the Press Release for full details including track listing.


KEITH EMERSON BAND will perform at MOOGFEST 2014. The band will headline the evening event on Thursday, April 24th.

Keith Emerson - Keyboards
Marc Bonilla - Guitar & Vo.
Travis Davis - Bass
Joe Travers - Drums

MOOGFEST 2014   April 23-27, 2014   Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Moogfest is a 5-Day fest dedicated to the synthesis of technology, art and music. We honor the inventiveness of Bob Moog and the legacy of the analog synth

With an experimental line up of daytime conference programming and landmark nightly performances, this is no ordinary music festival. Moogfest welcomes futurists, thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, artists, scientists, musicians and Moog devotees to participate in a conversation that celebrates new technology and creative expression.

Click here for Moogfest 2014 schedule.

Click here for for tickets.

Marc Bonilla, Travis Davis, Joe Travers


MOOGFEST Facebook Page

Click here to read about the Synthesizer Genome Project: Emerson System by Moog Custom Engineering (b. 2014)

Keith Emerson inducted into Hammond Hall of Fame

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